Apartment House La Siesta Bogács

The Apartment House La Siesta is a rehab containing 5 apartments situated at 4 Rákóczi út. It has a private car park free of charge and an enclosed yard with barbecue facilities. The Thermal Bath can be reached by a 5-8- minute walk. As the house can be found at the Northern part of the settlement, the wine cellars can be reached easily. There are restaurants and a coffee shop and a mini-market near the house, not farther than 200 metres.

Weekend Cottage La Siesta Bogács

The La Siesta Bogács Weekend Cottage can be found in the quiet Rákóczi út at the edge of the forest.

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Panorama 3pink.

Apartment Pink

Apartment Pink first floor open-plan apartment; ideal for families of 2 + 2, for companies, or for...


Apartment Kiwi

Apartment Kiwi first floor ideal for families of 2 + 2 , for companies, or for couples fond of...


Apartment Orange

Apartment Orange first floor ideal for families of 2 + 4, or for companies of 6 private entrance from...